Perfect Form Training
Fitness through knowledge

Working out regularly and hard doesn't mean that you're training efficiently.


Overdoing the effort and feeling 'rung out' does not equate to weight loss or fitness. Often when you workout hard you are not burning fat calories or making yourself fitter.

Your body's metabolic profile can identify the training zones that will give you your best results whether you are trying to lose weight, looking to improve performance or simply keeping fit.

One simple assessment will make sure your efforts really count as your metabolic profile is the key to efficient, successful training.


How does my body talk to me?


A simple assessment allows your metabolic profile to be 'captured' and that information will produce your individual profile. The profile includes your resting metabolic rate (RMR), your daily calorific needs and the heart rate zone's in which your body best responds to exercise.

Testing is simple and quick and can be done on your favourite equipment....


Your VO2 Metabolic profile will tell you...

With your unique profile you can more easily achieve weight loss goals, and improve aerobic fitness. It's simple to see how many calories you can eat without gaining weight & how you can maximise calories burnt in every workout.

Your heart rate zones will train your body to become more efficient at burning fat as an energy source, they will show you how to build a stronger and wider aerobic base, they will show you your anaerobic threshold, and how to move this higher thus improving performance.


Whatever your training goals your VO2 metabolic profile is the key to training more effectively and efficiently.